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Thoughts on GFB ep 14

How can people ship Wolryung and Yeowool??? That’s just so wrong! It’s like shipping Jo Gwan Woong with Chung Jo. ewwww… don’t let the hotness blinded u people. Our Yeowool is the nicest person ever. Too kind that sometimes i even think she’s too good for KC. Speaking of KC~damn it, just admit u like her! Why so slow? We need our long overdue OTP kiss… okay~ T_T Anyway,back to Wolryung. He’s so creepy and evil. He’s a demon who eats soul/qi whatever u called it. Monk Sojung once said Yeowool has a pure soul. The way he smirk at the end gives me shivers. He’s better not hurting Yeowool. KC,hurry up and save her~~~~~

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Yeowool’s Confession

"Just cuz for your sake I want to do anything – that is my heart  now."

                                                                    translation credit to softy’s blog.

Someone pointed this at the dcgfb that Yeowool’s confession is exactly the same as what Wolryung said to Seohwa. Yeowool and Wolryung kind of similar isn’t it? They’re so nice and kind and willing to do anything for their love one. I hope she doesn’t ended up like him. :( To think about it out of 4 leads, she’s the one who doesn’t have any tragedy happen to her yet. I kinda scared what the writer store for her character in the future especially this past 2 episodes monk SoJung keep on reminding about their fate which is one of them will die. Yeowool is so so nice and u know they said nice people don’t last long (in this drama of course)…lol Please,writer-nim, i want a happy ending for my OTP. ^^

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